Hanoi traffic cops learn how to deliver...babies

By Ba Do   August 9, 2016 | 01:31 am PT
Dont't worry, they won't give you a ticket as long as you push hard!

Often praised for helping both young and old to cross the road, traffic police in Hanoi now have a chance to truly deliver thanks to a first-aid course that includes - believe it or not - how to deliver a baby.

700 officers, almost young and male, of Hanois Traffic Police Division took part in a first-aid course this morning.

700 officers, mostly young men, from Hanoi’s Traffic Police Division took part in a first-aid course this morning.


The officers were given hands-on instructions about how to treat road accident victims and women who go into labor in traffic.


The officers, divided into pairs, took turns to act as 'midhusband' and 'nurse',  asking the mother-to-be to breathe, remain calm and push.


They are trained to wipe the mouths and noses of newly born babies to clear the airways and to flick their leg to make them cry…


They were also advised to refrain from cutting the umbilical cord as it could cause damage and instead, wrap it in a cloth.


Officers also practiced performing CPR on victims who had stop breathing or suffered a cardiac arrest.


The officers were taught how to give the kiss of life, something usually reserved for loving couples.

Photos by VnExpress/Ba Do

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