My mother only let her sons inherit 2 townhouses

May 9, 2024 | 03:30 pm PT
My mother wants to leave her two townhouses to my brothers in the future, while I, as the middle daughter, will get nothing.

When I was young, I had to do all the chores, like cooking, washing, looking after my siblings, cleaning the house, and even running errands to earn money. If anything went wrong, I was always the one to be punished by my parents.

Family conflict are often resulted from inheritance favoritism. Illustration photo by Pexels

Family conflict are often resulted from inheritance favoritism. Illustration photo by Pexels

When it came to food or clothes, I always had to yield to my siblings. When I wanted to go out, I was always told: "You have to stay at home." But when my siblings did, my mother encouraged them and even gave them money and food to bring with them. Even in education, my mother would always ask me to make sacrifices so my brothers could go to school.

I never dared to speak up, not because I did not realize I was wronged, but because I loved my mother, so I willingly endured to make her happy.

I have never had the intention of demanding inheritance from my parents, nor have I ever worried that my siblings would fight with me on the topic as they are both very close to me and well-off.

The other day, my father called me home to discuss making a will to divide their inheritance. His wish is to divide their two high-value townhouses equally among us siblings. My mother, however, wanted my brothers to each get one house, leaving me with nothing.

When I spoke up, she immediately accused me of being greedy and not caring for my brothers.

But among us three, I am having the most difficulties. My life has been filled with many hardships and misfortunes. My husband and children have often suffered from serious illnesses over the past decade, and I had to shoulder the burden alone during all those years, which left me feeling extremely exhausted. I also had to be self-reliant throughout my entire life. I bought land to build my house and raised my children without any help from my parents.

Despite my extreme difficulties, I still occasionally send money to support my parents and brothers.

Nonetheless, my mother was adamant that the two houses be passed down only to my siblings. Since then, she has often reminded me that I should be ashamed for not solving my own problems and instead trying to take away the properties from my brothers. I feel heartbroken that my mother would think of me like this.

Should I just give up on the houses to please my mother?

Reader Quynh Mai

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