I want my parents to divide their assets early to prevent sibling feud

March 26, 2024 | 02:53 pm PT
I want my parents to divide their assets early to prevent sibling feud
A beautiful seaside town. Illustration photo by VnExpress/Ngoc Thanh
I am afraid that if my frail parents die before they write up a will, my siblings will fight intensely over inheritance.

My parents, both over 90 years old, are living on a piece of land measuring at over 1,000 square meters in our hometown, a beautiful seaside town.

Land in that town is highly valued as recently, a 200-square-meter plot of land on the inter-communal road has been successfully sold for VND3 billion (US$121,155.8). With coastal tourism rapidly developing, the demand for land to build homestays has made the rural land market, like the one in my hometown, more bustling, with prices rising by the day.

I recently have a concern that my elderly parents, who are very weak and frail, might pass away at any time without leaving behind a will to divide their assets among their children. Handling inheritance procedures in the future can be very complex and difficult without a will.

Sometimes, disagreements about who gets what can lead to intense sibling feuds, conflicts and even an all-out fight. Therefore, I really want to ask my parents to give their inheritance early or to at least write a will to clearly divide their assets to prevent potential conflicts.

However, I am also very hesitant and dare not bring up the issue with them, fearing that my siblings might think I am greedy and willing to break the long-standing harmony in the family just to get my parents’ assets.

Currently, all my siblings in the family have stable jobs, high incomes, decent houses, and proper vehicles. Everyone, from my parents to my siblings and their in-laws, still maintains the family's tradition of respect, mutual support and prioritizing familial bonds, so no one has mentioned the division of the 1,000-square-meter plot to my parents.

Honestly, I want to my parents and siblings to consider the land division early exactly because I want to preserve the loving and caring family atmosphere as that is the best way to avoid unmanageable conflicts in the future.

I feel like my view would be very normal in developed countries, but with the oriental culture in Vietnam, I am afraid that if I speak up about this, I will be judged. I do not want to be the one to create unrest within the family.

What should I do about this?

Reader Dung Phu Tran

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