Vietnamese boxer wins historic WBC Asia Super Flyweight title

He knocked out his Indonesian opponent in just 45 seconds to become the first Vietnamese boxer to hold a WBC title.

Vietnam wins first gold medal at intn'l science contest for junior students

None of the Vietnamese students left the contest empty-handed.

Uber driver assaults angry female passenger in Hanoi: report

The woman slammed the door after he forced her to walk home, so he chased after and punched her.

Vietnam prosecutes bank officials in corruption crackdown

The sweeping crackdown continues after making global headlines. 

Uber-inspired Vietnamese start-up wins golden ticket to Silicon Valley

The start-up competition paints a bright picture for the country's young ecosystem. 

Mitsubishi Materials units falsified product data

This is the latest Japanese firm to admit problems with quality control. 

As Black Friday nears, US stores get creative to battle e-commerce

Holiday season is in, as online shopping takes over. 

Skype joins list of apps on China blacklist

Skype's removal from app stores comes as China prepares to host its fourth World Internet Conference next month.

Slum mum woes as Philippines birth control plans fail

Only two percent of Filipino men use condoms.

Most beautiful street divider in Vietnam to be hacked back to make way for traffic

Trees and flowers will be replaced by cars and motorbikes as congestion takes precedence in Hanoi.

Slum mum woes as Philippines birth control plans fail

Only two percent of Filipino men use condoms.

Baghdad cafe marks 100 years as intellectual hub

This century old cafe in Baghdad has witnessed the ups and downs of the ancient city over the decades. 

Abusive avatars help schizophrenics fight 'voices': study

7 out of 75 people have completely stopped hearing voices.

Vietnam dives into the deep to generate more cash from precious cave kingdom

The internet community is still abuzz over a government plan to build a cable-car into the cave kingdom.
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