Vietnam should open with simple visa policy

Many foreigners look forward to coming back to Vietnam soon, hoping for easy procedures.
READERS' VIEWS January 26, 2022 | 07:23 pm PT

There's no reason to wait until May for reopening tourism

Vietnam is considering fully reopening the country to foreign tourists by May 1, but many think it should happen sooner.
READERS' VIEWS January 23, 2022 | 07:22 pm PT

In the new normal, is Tet losing its uniqueness?

For many people, this year's Tet is no longer that grand traditional, most important Vietnamese festival that everyone waits with bated breath. The pandemic has robbed it of its sheen.
READERS' VIEWS January 20, 2022 | 05:09 pm PT

There should be no Tet bonuses

Workers should be paid in accordance with their abilities each month instead of a huge sum as Tet bonus at the end of the year.
READERS' VIEWS January 17, 2022 | 06:49 pm PT

Karaoke in Vietnam is a terrible problem

Foreigners shared several ways to deal with blasting karaoke in Vietnam, from throwing back at it with death metal rock to moving away.
READERS' VIEWS January 12, 2022 | 06:03 pm PT

Vietnam is opening with unclear instructions

Vietnam has resumed some regular international flight routes, but many remain uncertain of how to get the approval to enter.
READERS' VIEWS January 10, 2022 | 12:53 am PT

'Spare the rod, spoil the child' is bad, dangerous parenting advice

Using the rod on children is no more than venting anger. It is neither education nor love, and any parent who says otherwise is deluding themselves.
READERS' VIEWS January 4, 2022 | 06:27 pm PT

We wish to be able to get back in Vietnam in 2022

As another tumultuous year of the pandemic has passed, VnExpress International readers shared what they most expect in Vietnam in the new year.
READERS' VIEWS December 31, 2021 | 04:15 pm PT

Is it so strange to take action if you hear your neighbors abusing a child?

An eight-year-old girl in HCMC was abused to death by her father's fiancee, and the public is questioning children protection mechanisms.
READERS' VIEWS December 30, 2021 | 05:00 am PT

Our pandemic fight is pandemonium at lower levels

As we continue to fight the Covid-19 pandemic as a nation, a haphazard, uncoordinated mess has been generated at lower administrative levels as different quarantine protocols get entangled.
READERS' VIEWS December 29, 2021 | 03:37 pm PT

Vietnamese films are boring, but not because of lack of talent

Vietnamese cinema has seemingly not evolved beyond motifs seen in South Korean movies of the last century.
READERS' VIEWS December 24, 2021 | 11:16 pm PT

International tourism can recover, but not so fast

Vietnam has taken steps to reopen borders from next year, but tourists might not rush back in under current pandemic situation.
READERS' VIEWS December 20, 2021 | 07:12 pm PT

Can we, long term expats come back to Vietnam?

Foreigners are hopeful of Vietnam's plan to resume international flights from Jan. 1, but many are not sure if they meet all the criteria to enter.
READERS' VIEWS December 13, 2021 | 11:12 pm PT

Banning motorbikes no solution to congestion

Hanoi plans to ban motorbikes from 2025 to reduce congestion and emissions, but some do not see it as a practical fix.
READERS' VIEWS December 9, 2021 | 04:00 am PT

Vietnam should open borders now before it's too late

The Omicron variant could throw a wrench in Vietnam's plan to resume international flights, but some believe more delays will make it almost impossible for travel industries to recover.
READERS' VIEWS December 6, 2021 | 08:40 pm PT
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