Actor Huang Xiaoming dates girlfriend right after outing with ex-wife Angelababy and son

By Nguyen Huong   May 9, 2024 | 03:31 am PT
Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming was recently seen on a date with his girlfriend Ye Ke following an outing with his ex-wife Angelababy and their son.
Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming. Photo from Huangs Weibo

Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming. Photo from Huang's Weibo

According to Ifeng, Huang visited a theme park with his ex-wife and their son earlier this month. He picked up Ye afterward on the same day, wearing the same outfit he had on during the amusement park trip, and took her to a high-end restaurant for dinner.

On Weibo, netizens commented that Huang "perfectly balances family and love." Some mocked Huang, saying, "he’s too busy," while others speculated that he took his girlfriend out to dinner to prevent her from getting jealous.

Many alleged that Ye was the "homewrecker" who ruined Huang and Angelababy’s marriage and now gets jealous without reason.

Amid the uproar, Ye clarified on her social media account on Monday evening that she didn’t interfere in Huang and Angelababy’s marriage. She also shared details of a lawsuit, revealing that a person spreading false information about her had been penalized.

Huang and Ye’s relationship has reportedly been stable for the past year. They have been spotted together at exhibitions, meeting friends, and traveling. Sources said Huang recently introduced Ye to his family, and they all had dinner together.

However, neither Huang nor Ye has shared details about their relationship with the media.

Huang, 47, is one of China’s most successful and influential actors, known for his roles in "The Return of the Condor Heroes," "Shanghai Bund," and "Summer’s Desire," among others.

He and Angelababy, 35, made their relationship public in 2014, got married the following year, and welcomed their son in 2017 before announcing their divorce in 2022.

Huang reportedly began dating Ye a few months after separating from his ex-wife. Both Huang and Ye have experienced previous failed marriages, as Ye was married to a businessman before their eventual split.

A graduate of Shenzhen University, Ye is now a well-known online influencer. She has also ventured into business, establishing her own fashion brand and opening a beauty salon.

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