Chinese actress Angelababy posts first photos of son

By Nhu Anh   March 4, 2024 | 02:36 am PT
Chinese actress Angelababy posts first photos of son
Angelababy celebrates her birthday. Photo from Weibo
Chinese actress Angelababy recently unveiled photos of her seven-year-old son, nicknamed Little Sponge, for the first time on social media platform Weibo.

The pictures were shared as part of her celebration of her 35th birthday on Feb. 29, according to Ifeng. Commentary on the photos noted striking resemblances between the young boy and his father, Chinese actor and singer Huang Xiaoming.

Sources suggest that Angelababy and Huang have been sharing parenting responsibilities, with the grandparents taking care of Little Sponge whenever the celebrity couple is occupied with work commitments.

The ex-spouses, during their divorce proceedings, reached an amicable agreement not to engage in custody battles or disparage each other in public. This approach aimed to shield their son from unnecessary emotional distress.

Angelababy and her parents and son. Photo from Weibo

Angelababy and her parents and son. Photo from Weibo

Since her divorce in early 2022, Angelababy has refrained from entering into new relationships. In a previous TV appearance, she candidly expressed the challenges of starting a new romantic chapter as she gets older.

Despite her personal challenges, Angelababy remains a prominent figure in the East Asian entertainment industry, often likened to the Chinese equivalent of Kim Kardashian.

She has been a part of the Chinese variety show "Keep Running" since 2014, and played a role in the 2016 sequel to the Hollywood blockbuster "Independence Day" (1996).

Angelababy began her career at the age of 14 as a model in Hong Kong, garnering attention not only in her home country but also in Japan and South Korea.

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