Facebook post helps Vietnamese police track down monkey murderer

By Le Hoang   August 1, 2016 | 10:39 pm PT
Online posts and a young man's desire to show off have brought the killer to justice.

Police in the central province of Thanh Hoa have arrested a serial monkey killer after three pictures of the brutal slaughtering process went viral on the internet.

Cao Tuan Anh, whose Facebook account is Kubin Remix, posted the pictures on July 27 with the caption: "A successful week of hunting". He then got an unexpected visit by police, but they were unable to find any evidence in his house.

Tuan Anh admitted that the appalling scenes in his photos were real but he was not the killer. He claimed to have taken the pictures at his neighbors' house and posted them on Facebook to show off to his friends.


The Facebook post by Cao Tuan Anh reads: "A successful hunting week - feeling wonderful". Photo by Kubin Remix/Facebook

"He said he took the pictures while the neighbors were killing the monkeys for producing a drug," a police officer said.

Police raided his neighbor Le Van Sau's house and caught him making traditional medicine from the monkeys' body parts.

Sau said he had bought the three adult monkeys from the south some days before.

This species of monkey is listed as endangered and any commercial trading and exploitation of the animal are illegal, carrying fines of up to VND500 million ($22,000), according to police.

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