Lee Lung Kei’s 37-year-younger fiancée struggles to sleep following visa overstay detention

By Nguyen Huong   February 24, 2024 | 06:29 pm PT
According to 74-year-old Hong Kong actor Lee Lung Kei, his fiancée Chris Wong, 37, is struggling to eat and sleep and in a bad mood after being detained for overstaying her tourist visa.
Hong Kong actor Lee Lung Kei (R) and his fiancée Chris Wong. Photo from Wong’s Instagram

Hong Kong actor Lee Lung Kei (R) and his fiancée Chris Wong. Photo from Wong’s Instagram

As covered by HK01, the actor reported following a second visit to Wong at the Tai Lam Center for Women on Thursday that Wong has not adapted to the detention center’s conditions, resulting in difficulty sleeping. Concern for his fiancée also led Lee to stay awake all night before the visit, leaving him feeling "numb."

Wong, originally from mainland China, was arrested by local authorities on Monday and charged the next day with document falsification and deceit to gain entry into Hong Kong, in addition to overstaying her visa. Her bail request was denied, and she has been ordered to remain in custody until her court date on Apr. 16.

A legal expert indicated that violations of Hong Kong’s residency laws can lead to deportation, up to two years in jail, and a fine of as much as HKD50,000 (US$6,392).

Lee explained that Wong overstayed her visa to be with him and take care of him, acknowledging he was unaware of her document forgery and deceit. He admitted he would have encouraged her to turn herself in had he known.

Lee mentioned he brought books for Wong during his visit, hoping that she can "purify her mind" and in adherence to the detention center’s regulations.

Discussing Wong’s prospects of acquittal, the actor acknowledged that the likelihood was "very low."

"The lawyers have informed me that the evidence of Wong’s crime is quite compelling," he remarked. "Our approach will be to mitigate the risks as much as we can."

He revealed that Wong was duped into purchasing fake documents, and their lawyers are striving to assist her. Lee plans to visit her every morning and has offered her encouragement, promising to face and overcome the challenges together. He remains hopeful for her improvement after this ordeal.

Lee has also pledged to marry Wong after her release during a previous media interaction, even if it means relocating to mainland China should she be deported.

The couple, who met when Lee was 66, had planned to marry by the end of 2023, but the plans were delayed due to the death of Wong’s father.

Wong has been recently accused of trading sexual favors for money and engaging in fraud, with some questioning her claims of a wealthy background and education at a prestigious U.S. college, suggesting these were attempts to attract financial support from wealthy individuals. Despite these allegations, Lee continues to stand by Wong.

Lee, famous for his roles in "The Condor Heroes," "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer," "Journey to the West," and "Forensic Heroes," has three children from his first marriage in the 1970s, all older than Wong.

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