Hong Kong actor Lee Lung Kei tears up visiting detained 37-year-younger fiancée

By Nguyen Huong   February 21, 2024 | 06:00 am PT
Lee Lung Kei, 74, known for his role in “The Condor Heroes,” cried out of worry as he visited his fiancée Chris Wong, 37, after she was detained.
Hong Kong actor Lee Lung Kei (R) and his fiancée Chris Wong. Photo from Wong’s Instagram

Hong Kong actor Lee Lung Kei (R) and his fiancée Chris Wong. Photo from Wong’s Instagram

HK01 reported that Lee made his way back to Hong Kong from mainland China on Wednesday, taking the high-speed train. His arrival at Hong Kong’s West Kowloon high-speed railway station was marked by a visible sense of loneliness and anxiety.

Upon reaching Hong Kong, the actor wasted no time in heading to the Tai Lam Center for Women to see Wong, as reported by Sinchew.

Wong, a mainland China native, was arrested by local authorities on Monday. She was charged the next day for falsifying documents, lying to obtain entry into Hong Kong, and overstaying her tourist visa.

Wong’s request for bail was also denied, leading to her detention until her next court hearing on Apr. 16.

A legal authority shared that those convicted of violating Hong Kong’s residency laws, such as visa overstay, generally face deportation, a potential two-year jail sentence, and a fine of up to HKD50,000 (around US$6,392).

In a conversation with journalists regarding Wong’s illegal residency issue, an emotional Lee stated: "She broke the law because she was foolish."

He explained that Wong’s desire to stay with him and provide care was the reason behind her overstaying her visa. He mentioned that he was unaware of her document forgery and misinformation, noting he would have advised her to turn herself in had he known.

The couple, who met when Lee was 66, had planned to marry by the end of 2023. However, the passing of Wong’s father delayed their wedding plans.

Wong has been involved in numerous allegations recently, including exchanging sexual favors for money and engaging in fraudulent activities. There were also doubts cast on her claims of coming from a wealthy background and having studied at a prestigious U.S. college, with some suggesting these were attempts to seek financial aid from affluent people.

Despite these allegations, Lee has remained supportive of Wong.

Lee is a renowned actor with notable roles in various works including "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer," "Journey to the West," and "Forensic Heroes."

He has three children from his first marriage in the 1970s, all of whom are older than Wong.

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