Lee Lung Kei's 37-years younger fiancée faces fraud, solicitation allegations

By Nguyen Huong   January 24, 2024 | 11:31 pm PT
Chris Wong, 37-years-younger fiancée of Hong Kong actor Lee Lung Kei, finds herself entangled in a scandal involving allegations of committing fraud and offering sexual favors in exchange for money.

On Jan. 22, a YouTuber accused Wong of fabricating her academic credentials, acquiring paintings from Taobao and misrepresenting them as her own work, and engaging in improper behavior with a 60-year-old man in the U.S. in exchange for $30,000.

Chris Wong photographed next to her painting. Photo: chrisart1017 on Instagram.

Chris Wong pictured beside her artwork. Photo by chrisart1017 on Instagram

The man affirmed that Wong claimed to be the proprietor of a helicopter manufacturing business, in need of financial help due to liquidity problems. He contends, however, that Wong has not returned the money he lent her.

Responding to these allegations, Wong stated that her financial difficulties stemmed from the China-U.S. trade war, which led to delays in transferring funds. The 37-year-old affirmed that she has repaid the borrowed amount, supporting her claim with a transfer receipt.

Wong highlighted her financial self-sufficiency, referencing her wealthy upbringing that enabled her to pursue education abroad from a young age. She also made it clear that she owns a two-story house and is not dependent on financial assistance from her 74-year-old fiancé, Lee Lung Kei.

Wong has previously showcased her artistic talent and educational background in aviation on social media. However, some individuals have raised doubts, alleging that her paintings were purchased from Taobao, and her claims of studying aviation were false.

Wong has previously displayed her artistic skills and knowledge in aviation on social media platforms. However, some have questioned the authenticity of her talents, alleging that the paintings she showcased were actually bought from Taobao and her claims of an educational background in aviation are unfounded.

Lee Lung Kei has consistently shown his trust in Chris Wong amid these controversies. The couple initially intended to marry by the end of 2023, but they deferred their wedding plans due to the unfortunate passing of Wong's father last year.

Lee met Wong at the age of 66.

As a renowned actor, works throughout Lee’s prolific career include "The Condor Heroes," "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer," "Journey to the West," and "Forensic Heroes." He married his first wife in the 1970s and had three children with her, all of whom are older than Wong.

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