Taiwan deports Indonesian passenger bringing in banned meat

By Minh Nga   May 27, 2024 | 03:10 am PT
An Indonesian passenger traveling from Hong Kong to Taiwan has been deported after being unable to pay a NT$200,000 (US$6,200) fine for bringing in a lunchbox with roasted pork, contravening import regulations.

The passenger landed in Taipei on April 30 carrying a lunchbox that contained Cantonese-style roasted meats.

A photo shared online showed the meal consisted of rice, roast pork, and soy sauce chicken, which are traditional Cantonese dishes, the South China Morning Post reported.

Taiwan authorities said that due to the escalating African swine fever outbreak, any food containing poultry, livestock, meat, fresh fruits and vegetables could not be brought into the country.

The passenger, therefore, was fined NT$200,000.

However, he was deported for being unable to pay the fine immediately. The traveler must pay the fine before he can enter the country next time, according to Hong Kong news site TVB News.

Taiwanese authorities also reminded passengers to pay attention to their carry-on luggage before passing through customs. If there are any non-compliant quarantine items, they can proactively declare and discard them to avoid being punished.

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