What’s the point of getting a $80K land inheritance at 45?

June 24, 2024 | 05:46 pm PT
What’s the point of getting a $80K land inheritance at 45?
Land plots in the western area of HCMC. Photo by VnExpress/Quynh Tran
I had to struggle through the most challenging periods of my life without any inheritance.

When I was 45 years old, I received a phone call from my sister back home saying, "Dad wants you to come home urgently." Hastily, I packed my belongings and headed back home right away. I thought he was having health issues since he was already over 70 years old at that time, but it turned out that he wanted to discuss dividing his assets.

The piece of land I inherited is worth about VND2 billion (US$78,600). However, to be honest, it no longer holds much significance to me beyond being a keepsake from my father. Why do I say that? Because it does not contribute much to my life.

After I got married and had children at 24, the following 10 years were filled with relentless hard work and tears. We moved from one rented place to another, working tirelessly day and night. My responsibility towards my small family did not allow me to slack off or take a single day off. A while later, I decided to quit my dead-end job, take the risk and start my own business.

Heaven rewards hard workers, and I eventually earned enough to support my children's education, buy a house, and acquire two plots of land. Hence, the wealth I have accumulated surpassed the value of my father’s land plot, and I realized that getting the inheritance now would not change much of anything.

Besides, even if I have urgent needs, I cannot sell the plot anyway because that would invite criticism and blame from other family members. Sometimes I wish my parents had given me the inheritance back when I was newly married and had young children, as it would have provided the necessary support during my years of struggle.

I know many people say children should not have any complaints or demands regarding inheritance. However, I ask you this: What’s the point of working ceaselessly all your life to accumulate wealth if it is not for your children? Why not pass it down to them early when they need help the most?

Reader Phuc Truong

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