Kyle Walker's wife and ex-lover separated at Euro 2024

By Hong Duy   June 24, 2024 | 04:58 pm PT
English national football’s logistics team coordinated with German stadium security to ensure that Kyle Walker's wife Annie Kilner did not encounter his former lover Lauryn Goodman at Euro 2024 last week.

Walker was with Kilner for 15 years before marrying in 2021. They had four children, Riaan, Roman, Rezon and Reign, but the couple separated in 2019.

At that time, Walker had a short-lived romance with Goodman and the two had a son together, Kairo.

Since separating from Goodman and reuniting with Kilner, Walker has been caught cheating with Goodman again, who gave birth to their second child in July 2023.

On Thursday last week, Goodman took Kairo, 4, to Waldstadion Stadium, Frankfurt to watch England's 1-1 draw with Denmark as part of the Euro 2024.

Kairo wore a number 2 England jersey (Walker’s number) with the word "Daddy" printed on the back space reserved for player names.

Kilner sat in a section alongside several WAGs of England teammates.

According to The Sun, Kilner saw Goodman as a "troublemaker, chancer and blagger."

Stadium security staff and England's logistics team worked together to ensure that Goodman and Kilner did not come near each other.

Kyle Walker meets his wife Annie and children after the 1-1 draw of England with Denmark on June 20, 2024. Photo by PA

Kyle Walker meets his wife Annie and children after the 1-1 draw of England with Denmark on June 20, 2024. Photo by PA

Both security details feared an altercation between the two.

Friends and bodyguards also worked to stop Kilner when she said that she wanted to meet Goodman at the stadium.

Daily Mail reported that Goodman and Kairo left the pitch five minutes before the match ended to avoid an awkward situation.

"We left five minutes early to avoid Kairo being upset and confused that his daddy went over to his siblings but not him," Goodman said. "It would have been so sad for him and I wasn't going to risk that."

Goodman also criticized Walker for not paying enough attention to her and Kairo.

According to German newspaper Bild, Walker spent about $50,000 to put Kilner and his three children on a private plane with the group of England WAGs to travel to Germany for the Euro 2024 event.

Goodman and Kairo flew economy class.

Earlier this month, Goodman said Walker offered her tickets to watch Euro 2024, a claim that was later denied by his team’s staff.

But Goodman was still determined to take her children to Germany to watch the matches live and cheer for their father.

Walker is the vice-captain of the England national team. He played the entire first two games for England at Euro 2024, winning 1-0 against Serbia and drawing 1-1 with Denmark.

England are at the top of the table and only need a draw with Slovenia in the last group stage game on Tuesday to advance to the round of 16.

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