Desk jobs beckon for traffic cops with large bellies

By Ba Do   September 29, 2020 | 11:32 pm PT
Desk jobs beckon for traffic cops with large bellies
A traffic police officer walks by a motorcyclist that has been stopped for violating traffic rules, Ho Chi Minh City, August 2020. Photo by Phap Luat newspaper.
The traffic police department does not want officers with large waistlines on the streets, fearing their lack of fitness could be an obstacle during emergencies.

The Ministry of Public Security has instructed this department to assess officers physically to ensure the traffic police can better serve the public, Colonel Do Thanh Binh, its deputy head, said on Tuesday.

"This year we will do tests to check health, weight, height, and belly measurement before sending traffic police officers to work on the streets.

"Those with large bellies will face difficulties in emergency situations such as chasing after criminals, rescuing people in distress or performing duties that request endurance and agility."

The plan is to send such people to work in offices and positions that suit them better.

The department has yet to set criteria for body measurements that would make officers eligible to work on the streets.

Once they are, they will be applicable across the country.

The department will also train officers in public conduct to project a "friendly and elegant image" for itself.

In January Vietnam lifted a prohibition on filming traffic police officers on duty in an effort to stop bribery.

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