Man faces 'assault' charge after hitting wife with banana peel in Japan

By Minh Nga   May 23, 2024 | 02:00 am PT
Police in Japan's Fukuoka Prefecture has arrested a 59-year-old man to investigate him for "assault" after his wife reported him hitting her on the head with a banana peel.

The incident occurred on Friday night at the couple's residence in Kurate Town, Fukuoka Prefecture, with the wife, 62, calling the police, Japan Today reported.

She said her husband was an alcoholic and that he had insulted her before hitting her on the head with a banana peel.

Police said the man had admitted hitting his wife with the banana peel and quoted him as saying, "Can you really call that domestic violence? That level of violence is common among married couples, isn't it? I got angry when she talked back to me."

The husband, who had been drinking, reportedly became angry when his wife stopped him from confronting a neighbor about parking their car on their property, according to News on Japan.

It said police had released him on bail as they continued to investigate his behavior to see if he was "assaulting" his wife.

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