Chinese billionaire heir Wang Sicong allegedly abandons child

By Nguyen Huong   June 13, 2024 | 01:33 am PT
Singer Huang Yiming, renowned for her participation in the talent show “Youth With You 2,” accused Wang Sicong, son of Wang Jianlin—the billionaire chairman of China’s largest real estate developer Dalian Wanda Group—of abandoning their child.
Singer Huang Yiming. Photo from Huangs Weibo

Singer Huang Yiming. Photo from Huang's Weibo

According to Sinchew, in a livestream on Tuesday, Huang revealed having a daughter with a man identified by the initials WSC. She later "liked" a comment from a viewer who questioned if WSC stood for Wang Sicong, subtly confirming it.

Huang expressed that she had never aspired to marry into wealth when she met Wang Sicong. She insisted that she took no money from him, and noted that if her intention was to leverage his fame, she would have disclosed their situation much earlier rather than keeping silent.

She explained her recent decision to speak out, citing a mental breakdown that compelled her not to keep the matter private any longer. When questioned about her distress, she said she was upset after trying to send a picture of the child to her father and being blocked, which she views as evidence of his abandonment.

After giving birth, Huang has been working hard to provide for her daughter by selling colored contact lenses, often trying on over 200 pairs daily due to her job demands, she said.

The saga of Huang and Wang Sicong swiftly climbed to the list of the most-read topics on Weibo, garnering nearly 100 million views quickly. Commenters noted a resemblance between Huang’s daughter and Wang Jianlin.

Wang Sicong has yet to respond to these claims. Reports suggest he remains focused on his leisure activities, recently traveling to Japan with several women. According to friends of Wang, he dismissed the allegations as "nonsense because of alcohol."

Wang Sicong, 36, the sole heir of Wang Jianlin, is known for his opulent lifestyle, including his collection of supercars and his various relationships with Chinese celebrities. He often makes sarcastic remarks about other affluent figures and celebrities in China.

As of June 13, Forbes has valued Wang Jianlin’s fortune at US$6.3 billion. His wealth largely stems from the Dalian Wanda Group, a major force in real estate development globally and China’s largest, with over 500 plazas nationwide.

He is ranked 53rd on Forbes’ 2023 list of China’s richest individuals.

Huang, 25, has been relatively low-profile since her stint on "Youth With You 2" in 2020. Although she and Wang Sicong were frequently seen together, they never publicly acknowledged their relationship.

In 2023, Huang revealed she had given birth on her own but continued to speak highly of the father, praising his good looks, genetics, and wealth, and recalling a deep love that once made her feel valued in life. His identity, however, was not disclosed by her.

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