Actor Nicholas Tse said to mirror 11-year-older girlfriend Faye Wong’s style

By Nguyen Huong   June 26, 2024 | 04:00 am PT
Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse responded with laughter when facing comments suggesting he and his girlfriend, singer Faye Wong, are dressing alike increasingly.
Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse. Photo from Tses Weibo

Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse. Photo from Tse's Weibo

Sinchew reported that at the premiere of Tse’s film "Customs Frontline" on Monday, a reporter questioned the actor if he had noticed his and Wong’s similar fashion styles. He replied humorously: "I don’t know which style you’re referring to, but I have never given her [Wong] any advice on buying clothes."

Observations have been made about Wong adopting a style similar to Tse’s, characterized by bold and rough menswear such as wide-leg pants and simple t-shirts. For example, Wong drew attention earlier this month at the airport en route to France, wearing a masculine outfit of a black t-shirt and navy pants.

A Weibo comment noted: "Her dressing style is no different from Nicholas Tse."

"They [Wong and Tse] truly are of one mind, a match made in heaven," stated another.

Wong, 55, moved from Beijing to Hong Kong at 18 and became famous in the early 1990s with her Cantonese music. Her international recognition grew through her roles in films by Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai, including "Chungking Express" and "2046."

Tse, 44, first gained fame in 1996 as a singer and began acting two years later. The South China Morning Post reported him discussing his long-standing affection for Wong since he was 19 on a 2019 talk show.

The couple initially acknowledged their relationship in the late 1990s but publicly announced their separation in 2002.

Wong later married Chinese actor Li Yapeng in 2005, with whom she has a daughter. Tse married Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung in 2006 and has two sons. Both then ended their marriages in divorce, with Tse and Cheung in 2011 and Wong and Li in 2013.

Tse and Wong rekindled their relationship in 2014 and have maintained a solid partnership ever since despite numerous rumors. Hong Kong actress Carina Lau, a close friend of Wong, has publicly spoken about the strength of their relationship, and Sohu noted that Tse’s affectionate and slightly shy demeanor when speaking of Wong has remained consistent over the years.

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