10 Vietnamese MVs bring the house down in 2019

By Nguyen Quy   December 20, 2019 | 05:32 am PT
With 2019 drawing to a close, check out the reigning YouTube videos bringing Vietnamese music lovers to their knees.

2019 proved a busy period for diverse genres of Vietnamese music, assaulting social media to become a ‘phenomenon’ among youth.

Local contenders comprised prominent faces, those of the lesser-known underground, as well as some unexpected surprises.  

Vietnamese duo K-ICM and Jack became a hit with a successful series of record breaking music videos (MVs). Trending themes, including history, LGBTand literature, gave listeners a break from the standard array of generic love ballads.

Here’s a review of the 10 most watched MVs of 2019 in Vietnam, based on view counts as of December 20.

10. "Anh Nha O Dau The" (Where Is Your House Bae) Amee, B Ray

Views: 91 million

Released in April this year by young female singer Amee in collaboration with rapper B Ray, this MV left a big mark on the V-pop map with its gentle melody and romantic context. Filmed in the Central Highlands town of Da Lat, it tells of a mischievous and characterful girl struggling to win over her lovers heart.

9. "Co Tham Khong Ve" (Ms. Tham Doesn’t Return Home) | Phat Ho x JokeS Bii x Sinike x Dinh Long

Views: 93 million

Simple lyrics combined with electronic and folk music made this MV one of the biggest Vietnamese hits of the year. The song features familiar Mekong Delta images, helping it reach a wider rural audience.

It tells of a poor local girl who betrays her lover to follow a rich man, tempted by a life of luxury.

8. "Dung Yeu Nua, Em Met Roi" (Don’t Love Anymore, I’m Tired) | Min

Views: 97 million

"Dung Yeu Nua, Em Met Roi" has lent young female artist Min a new, smooth and feminine persona. Released in April, the ballad resonates a girl’s experience of unrequited love.

7. Ex’s Hate Me| Amee x B Ray

Views:  105 million

Rapper B Ray and emerging female artist Amee joined creative forces to transport seven million viewers in the first five days since their release in February.

The MV features B Ray as a guest at his ex-girlfriend’s wedding where he meets the groom’s former lover, to some surprising results. 

6. "Muon Ruou To Tinh" (Borrowing Wine To Show Love) | Emily x Big Daddy

Views: 134 millions

Released on Valentine’s Day (February 14), this MV tells of the love between artists Big Daddy and Emily themselves, becoming a mega V-pop hit with 100 million views in less than four months.

5. "Em Gi Oi" (Hey Honey) | Jack x K-ICM

Views: 147 million

"Em Gi Oi" was released in October, featuring Vietnamese YouTuber and video game streamer Misthy. After 10 days, it reached over 50 million views, again placing duo Jack and K-ICM in the spotlight, this time opting for the electronic guitar and trumpet.

The MV depicts two adults taking time off to explore somewhere peaceful, far removed from the noise and bustle of city life.

It was shot over four days in HCMC, Da Lat and central Ninh Thuan Province.

4. Hay Trao Cho Anh (Give It To Me) | Son Tung M T-P x Snoop Dog

Views: 174 million

Featuring rapper Snoop Dogg and starring American singer Madison Beer, the MV reached one million views within only eight minutes and two million in 14 minutes, setting a new record.

After 15 days and 19 hours, "Hay Trao Cho Anh" crossed the 100 million mark, becoming the fastest Vietnamese MV to do so, more than even international artists like Taylor Swift, Cardi B, and Ed Sheeran have been able to manage.

The song, blending trendy Latin dance music reggaeton, tropical house and hip-hop, depicts and unhappy Son Tung living a luxurious life in a mansion surrounded by pretty girls. His mood is swayed soon after meeting love interest Madison Beer at a party.

The MV was shot in Los Angeles.

3. Hong Nhan (Beauty) | Jack

Views: 182 million

Jack became a ‘social media phenomenon’ in 2019 after his video ‘Hong Nhan’ dropped in February. After only three months, the MV hit the 100-million mark, adding new life to the domestic market with its real-life tale of Jack as a soldier pining for his lover.

2. Song Gio (Ups and downs) | Jack x K-ICM

Views:  238 million

This July, the duo continued cracking new V-pop records, releasing ‘Song Gio’ that scooped three million views in the first five hours of release. The MV features a combination of Vietnamese ethnic instruments and EDM.

Its theme has won over many fans – the main character giving his all to win the heart of his lover, but to no avail.

1. Bac Phan (Ill fate) | Jack x K-ICM

Views:  259 million

And we have champion.

The most watched video of the year is ‘Bac Phan’ by Jack and K-ICM, which continues the narrative of ‘Hong Nhan.’ After returning from the army, soldier Jack finds his former lover married to an abusive partner who causes her eventual demise. Heartbroken, he finds consolation working with K-ICM.

The MV hit over 200 million views after two months of release in April, marking one of the biggest milestones in the duo’s career and in V-pop history, thanks to its alluring mix of EDM, hip-hop and traditional instrumentation.

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