Actress Han So Hee allegedly refutes educational fraud accusations

By Linh Le   April 15, 2024 | 02:29 am PT
South Korean actress Han So Hee is believed to have discreetly dismissed claims of falsifying her acceptance into a French university through a video where she is featured counting in French.
South Korean actress Han So Hee. Photo from Hans management agencys Instagram

South Korean actress Han So Hee. Photo from Han's management agency's Instagram

As reported by Dan Tri Newspaper, South Korean media circulated news about Han posting a promotional video for a luxury jewelry brand on her Instagram, wherein she counts from one to four in French, on April 10.

Some interpret the actress’ decision to upload the video as an indirect response to the accusations that she lied about receiving admission to a French art university, a detail she disclosed in an interview earlier this year.

In the interview, the actress mentioned her inability to enroll due to the absence of 60 million won (US$43,368) in her bank account, which she claimed was necessary for a French study visa.

Nevertheless, a YouTuber subsequently pointed out that the actual financial requirement for a French study visa application is merely 9.6 million won, thereby questioning the actress’ honesty. The YouTuber further revealed intentions to refer the inconsistency to an investigative show for detailed scrutiny, according to Pinkvilla.

Han has encountered intense public scrutiny following her confirmation of dating South Korean actor Ryu Jun Yeol on March 16, a mere few months after Ryu’s breakup with his girlfriend of eight years, actress-singer Lee Hyeri. This has led to suspicions of her involvement in the dissolution of Ryu and Lee’s prior relationship.

Despite Han’s denials of these claims, public suspicion persisted, especially since she claimed her relationship with Ryu began only after being informed of his split from Lee in June last year. Nevertheless, users on online platforms have noted that Ryu and Lee’s breakup was actually announced in November last year.

Han and Ryu publicly announced their separation on March 30, a brief two weeks following the revelation of their romance.

At 30, Han has earned public recognition for her role in the 2020 South Korean TV series "The World of the Married" and is recognized for resemblance to the famous actress Song Hye Kyo.

Ryu, 38, gained fame through his performance in the South Korean TV series "Reply 1988," where he starred with his ex-girlfriend Lee. He continues to enjoy a prosperous acting career, alongside his business ventures.

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