Actors Han So Hee, Ryu Jun Yeol split up two weeks after dating confirmation

By Thien Lam   March 30, 2024 | 09:33 pm PT
South Korean actress Han So Hee and actor Ryu Jun Yeol have announced their separation two weeks after deciding to make their relationship public.
South Korean actress Han So Hee. Photo from Hans Instagram

South Korean actress Han So Hee. Photo from Han's Instagram

Ryu’s management agency C-JeS Entertainment confirmed the two stars’ breakup with local media outlet Newsen on Saturday. It refrained from revealing the reasons for their separation and chose not to respond to additional inquiries.

Han’s agency 9ato Entertainment released a statement echoing similar sentiments on the same day, which stated: "Due to personal feelings and miscommunication, Han So Hee has brought difficulties upon herself and the public."

The statement also expressed regret and a willingness to accept criticism.

"It is mainly our responsibility for not taking better care of the actress."

A spokesperson for 9ato Entertainment conveyed that the company is in the process of fixing mistakes and expressed hope for continued public support for Han.

Speculations over the breakup between Ryu and Han began to surface earlier on the same day when Han shared an uncaptioned photo of Australian-American actress Nicole Kidman on her blog. The image, as interpreted by South Korean media, featured Kidman on the day she decided to end her marriage with American actor-film producer Tom Cruise. The public thus suggested that Han was hinting at her breakup with Ryu through the post.

The romance between Han and Ryu, which was confirmed to the public on March 16, quickly became a focal point of interest partly because it had been merely months after Ryu ended an eight-year relationship with South Korean singer-actress Lee Hyeri. Consequently, a part of the public alleged that Han played a role in the dissolution of Ryu and Lee’s past relationship.

Han addressed these allegations by stating that her relationship with Ryu began only after she was informed about his breakup with Lee in June last year. However, some online community members suggested that the announcement of Ryu and Lee’s separation was actually made in November last year, casting doubts on the truthfulness of Han’s statements.

Han then addressed Lee on social media on Friday. She also reiterated her lack of involvement in Ryu and Lee’s previous relationship and expressed her dismay at the unfair treatment she believes she has received from the public. The post was taken down shortly after its publication.

Han, 30, has earned acclaim for her performance in the 2020 South Korean television drama "The World of the Married" and is noted for her resemblance to the revered actress Song Hye Kyo.

Ryu, 38, rose to prominence with his role in the South Korean TV series "Reply 1988," co-starring his ex-girlfriend Lee, and has continued to be active in the acting field while also pursuing business endeavors.

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