Actress Han So Hee refutes claims of losing endorsements over love triangle rumors

By Nguyen Huong   March 21, 2024 | 11:46 pm PT
South Korean actress Han So Hee, through her management company, has dismissed allegations that her relationship with actor Ryu Jun Yeol led to a loss of endorsement deals.
South Korean actress Han So Hee. Photo from Hans Instagram

South Korean actress Han So Hee. Photo from Han's Instagram

Speculations that Han had been dropped by brands she endorsed for, including South Korea’s NH Bank and the soju brand Chum Churum, due to the rumors suggesting that she meddled in Ryu’s previous relationship started surfacing following these brands’ announcements that they would not renew their contracts with her.

However, Han’s management agency 9ato Entertainment clarified that the termination of her contracts with these brands had been decided before the public was made aware of her relationship with Ryu.

The agency affirmed that the conclusion of Han’s deals was not influenced by her recent relationship.

Following the confirmation of Han and Ryu’s relationship on March 16, rumors surfaced alleging Han’s interference in Ryu’s prior eight-year relationship with his ex-girlfriend, singer-actress Lee Hyeri.

In a formal statement, Han addressed the accusations that she had been the cause of the split between Ryu and Lee, asserting that her relationship with Ryu began only after she learned of his breakup with Lee in June last year.

Yet, her statement led to further speculation and disapproval from online communities’ users, who pointed out the absence of any official announcement regarding Ryu and Lee’s split in June last year. Online commentators have instead suggested that the news of Ryu and Lee’s breakup was actually disclosed in November last year, casting doubts on Han’s veracity.

The controversy surrounding Han was fueled when she was observed at Seoul’s airport, returning from Hawaii on March 18, appearing cheerful and sporting a ring on her pinky finger. Although a close associate of Han’s explained that the ring was a "friendship ring" meant to signify her connection with friends from her hometown, there was speculation that she was intentionally flaunting her relationship status in disregard of public opinion.

In response to the criticism, Han removed negative comments from her blog and has since stayed out of the public eye.

Ryu, on the other hand, has been criticized for his silence regarding the situation.

Han, 30, has received considerable acclaim for her performance in the 2020 South Korean television drama "The World of the Married" and is noted for her resemblance to the celebrated actress Song Hye Kyo, making her a prominent figure in the film industry.

Ryu, 38, became well-known for his role in the South Korean TV series "Reply 1988," which he shared with his ex-girlfriend Lee. He has been active in the acting world as well as ventured into entrepreneurship.

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