Actors Ryu Jun Yeol, Han So Hee shun public spotlight following love triangle accusations

By Nguyen Huong   March 18, 2024 | 03:17 am PT
South Korean actress Han So Hee and her boyfriend, actor Ryu Jun Yeol, have chosen to maintain a lower profile, presumably to evade the public’s scrutiny following claims that Han interfered in Ryu’s past romantic involvement.
South Korean actress Han So Hee. Photo from Hans Instagram

South Korean actress Han So Hee. Photo from Han's Instagram

As reported by Nate, in what appears to be a reaction to the controversy, Han deleted all posts from her personal blog on Sunday. This action came a day after she published a letter confirming her relationship with Ryu, following their public sighting on a date in Hawaii.

It was noted by informants that she traveled back to Seoul from Hawaii by herself, despite her and Ryu’s original plans to return together since Ryu altered his flight details later on.

Upon his arrival in Seoul on Sunday, Ryu reportedly remained silent and did not engage with inquiries from the press.

The controversy regarding a "love triangle" involving Han and Ryu escalated on Saturday, following allegations that Han had attempted to "seduce" Ryu during a period of decline in his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, South Korean singer-actress Lee Hyeri. Han subsequently refuted these claims in an official statement, insisting that her relationship with Ryu began only after she came across reports of his breakup with Lee in June last year.

South Korean actor Ryu Jun Yeol and singer-actress Lee Hyeri. Photo from Twitter/yeolri2017

South Korean actor Ryu Jun Yeol and singer-actress Lee Hyeri. Photo from Twitter/yeolri2017

Yet, her statement only fueled further speculation and criticism, as internet users highlighted the absence of any reports confirming Ryu and Lee’s split in June last year. Contrarily, it was suggested by online commentators that the announcement of Ryu and Lee’s separation was actually made in November last year, leading to allegations of dishonesty against Han.

In response to the backlash, Han also proceeded to remove numerous disparaging comments made by the public on her blog.

Han, 30, first became widely recognized for her performance in the 2020 South Korean television series "The World of the Married." Her resemblance to the esteemed actress Song Hye Kyo has been noted, and she has successfully carved out a reputation for herself in the movie industry.

Ryu, 38, achieved fame through his participation in the South Korean television series "Reply 1988." He is currently active as an actor and an entrepreneur.

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