Helicopter with 13 aboard crashes off Norway

By Reuters/Mana Rabiee    April 29, 2016 | 05:05 am PT
The seacrh is underway for the 13 occupants of a helicopter that crashed off Norway's west coast on Friday, in an area that sees frequent helicopter traffic to and from oil installations.

Norwegian rescue services were still trying to determine the fate of the 13 passengers who were on board the helicopter when it crashed off Norway's west coast, near Bergen, Norway's second largest city.

One eyewitness told local news that several people could be seen in the ocean and that the helicopter itself was resting on a small island.

The area just west of Bergen sees frequent helicopter traffic to and from offshore oil installations.

Authorities say the chopper was on its way to shore from an oil platform but the full extent of the damage was still unclear.
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