Poachers kill rhino in India after British royal couple's visit

By Reuters, AFP   April 14, 2016 | 11:04 pm PT
Just hours after Britain's Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took a tour of Kaziranga National Park, a one-horned rhinoceros is found dead with its horn removed. Hours after a royal visit from William and Kate... a one-horned rhino is found dead in India's Kaziranga National Park. Officials say it was shot with an AK-47 rifle and his horn extracted by poachers. During their visit, the royals were keen to learn about efforts to combat poaching. Forest guards say they heard a burst of fire in the park late on Wednesday, but say by the time they found the dead rhino, the poachers had fled. Dozens of empty cartridges were found. The thick-skinned, one-horned mammal is one of the five surviving rhino species in the world. This park is home to two-thirds of the world's dwindling population... now, with one less.
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