Floods immerse An Giang in breathtaking beauty

By Vy An   November 26, 2016 | 01:04 am PT
But Chinese dams threaten to dry up the watery spectacle forever.

Located along the the upper branches of the Mekong River, An Giang is the first province in the region to welcome the annual floods.

Unlike flooding in central Vietnam, which often results in deaths and economic losses, the flooding season in the Mekong Delta is seen as a gift from heaven that brings tons of fish into the paddy fields along with alluvial deposits to fertilize the next crop.

Visiting An Giang in the flooding season, tourists have a chance to travel by boats or junks instead of cars and scooters, capture stunning pictures of the sunrise and sunset and see local people casting their nets to cash in on the bounty.

The flood season usually lasts from July to September, but this year it arrived late in October and nobody seems to know when the waters will recede.

Agricultural experts are worried that in the future, Chinese dams located further upstream will block water from flowing downstream and the beauty of the season and the wealth it brings will be lost, except on film.


Photo courtesy of Huynh Phuc Hau

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