Extinct volcano dyed yellow in wild sunflowers

By Tien Thanh   November 13, 2016 | 10:51 pm PT
Vietnam’s plateaus are covered in a carpet of yellow at this time of year. 

The Central Highlands town of Da Lat is not the only part of Vietnam that hides a flowery spectacle. Visitors can now admire blooming wild sunflowers in Chu Dang Ya Commune, Gia Lai Province, where traces of a century-old extinct volcano can still be found today.


Chu Dang Ya means wild ginger in the language of the J'rai ethnic community. The funnel-shaped crater and volcanic ash mixed with red basalt soil are still evident today.


The commune is 30 kilometers from downtown Gia Lai. Visitors are impressed by the beauty of the wild flowers growing along the road sides.


November is wild sunflower season. In Chu Dang Ya, the blossoms come into season at the same time but last longer.


But you still only have a month to enjoy them.


Wild sunflowers along the crater of Chu Dang Ya's volcano.


Fertile red soil also brings life to other types of trees and vegetables.


Pumpkins and sweet potatoes are traditional crops in Chu Dang Ya. Local people say the red basalt soil gives their products a sweeter taste than products grown in other regions.


Ethnic children play at the foot of the volcano.


Two kids carry a basket of sweet potatoes.


Chu Dang Ya has become a new flowery photography set for visitors.

Photo by Tien Thang/Doan Vinh

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