Don't ask for women's rights, work for them

By Fred   June 8, 2023 | 07:19 pm PT
My first marriage, to a Vietnamese woman, was very stressful.

Her definition of women's rights is that women have all the rights [and men have none].

I eventually filed for divorce.

I met my German wife several years later and life has been so much easier with her modern way of thinking.

She is a manager at a top bank in Germany, and I teach at a university in the country. She earns much more money than me, a Vietnamese immigrant. She is also healthier than I am, physically speaking.

She cares about being a strong, healthy and well-performing woman, to win herself due recognition in society.

Like my wife, many European women used to raise banners and demanded gender equality. But for the past 10 years, they stopped with the banners and got to the real work of successfully gaining power due to their capabilities.

When you bring value to the table, you'll be recognized.

You won't get respect if you demand equality without contributing anything.

In Asia, gender equality campaigns started about 15 years ago. But the important thing is that we need to adopt an open mind about gender equality.

I believe there's no exact formula for gender equality. There are situations when women are still treated unfairly. But there are also cases in which men are the victims of gender inequality.

In a family, a husband and wife need to share a life. Both partners need to understand that they'll be making sacrifices in different ways. If one partner keeps demanding rights and comparing their contributions to their partner's, it's not a marriage, it's just a transaction.

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