Final rehearsal for Dien Bien Phu battle celebration held

By VNA   May 5, 2024 | 06:48 am PT
Final rehearsal for Dien Bien Phu battle celebration held
Helicopters carrying Vietnam's national flag join the final rehearsal for the 70th anniversary of the Dien Bien Phu battle in Dien Bien Province, May 5, 2024. Photo by VnExpress/Giang Huy
The final rehearsal for the national-level celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Dien Bien Phu Battle (May 7, 1954 - 2024) took place in the northwestern mountainous province of Dien Bien Saturday morning.

The rehearsal programme featured a flag-hoisting ceremony, drum performances, artistic presentations, and the announcement of decisions on recipients of orders and commendations. Its highlight was a military parade involving over 12,000 participants, including those from the Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Public Security, and Dien Bien Province.

It was held by the Central Steering Committee for the celebration of Vietnam’s major holidays and important historical events for 2023-2025 at the Dien Bien stadium.

Attending the event were Nguyen Trong Nghia, Secretary of the Party Central Committee and Chairman of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Information and Education, Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha, and many other central and provincial officials.

Nghia, who is also permanent deputy head of the steering committee, stressed the importance of maintaining security and order, while ensuring the satisfaction of both domestic and international attendees.

He asked units involved to efficiently manage reception work and other activities during the celebration.

The Battle of Dien Bien Phu was one of the most major confrontations in the First Indochina War, fought between the Viet Minh Communist Revolutionaries and the French Union's French Far East Expeditionary Corps. Lasting from March 13 to May 7, 1954, the battle was decisively won by the Vietnamese side, effectively terminating the French presence in Indochina and the signing of the Geneva Accords.

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