'No one wins': 11 siblings battle over 1,200 sq.m of inherited land

May 17, 2024 | 03:00 pm PT
'No one wins': 11 siblings battle over 1,200 sq.m of inherited land
Agricultural land in Phu Tho Province's Tam Nong District. Photo by VnExpress/Ngoc Thanh
When siblings fight in court over inheritance, everyone loses in the end regardless of who gets what.

On Thursday, Phu Tho Provincial People's Court reopened the trial for the dispute among 11 siblings over the inheritance of 1,2000 square meters of land left by their parents.

Before starting the trial, the presiding judge asked the siblings whether reconciliation was possible, to which they all said no.

In the previous trial, the judge spent half an hour trying to explain that taking each other to court over a plot of land means they all end up losing, but the siblings were adamant about pursuing the lawsuit.

Here are some comments left by readers on the article:

Reader Tuyet Anh:

"Many people avoid drafting a will early for fear of bad luck, only to leave behind family disputes over their land after they pass away. I too am experiencing something similar. When my husband’s grandfather passed away, he left behind more than 2,000 square meters of undivided land.

My father-in-law's siblings could not come to an agreement on how to distribute the land because no one would yield to the others. In my opinion, if they do not want to divide it, it could be used as shared land. However, a lack of guidance on inheritance handling is always an exhausting issue for those still living."

Reader bangdang.270923:

"There have been so many inheritance court cases, yet many families still do not take them as cautionary tales. Sure, if siblings knew how to discuss matters with each other, there would not be any problems. But the more valuable the inheritance, the less people care about relationships and familial bonds."

Reader Nguyen Hieu:

"Regardless of who is right or who the court will declare the winner, the siblings’ bond is already beyond saving. It is sad that when land prices rise, familial affection becomes insignificant."

Do you think all parents should write a will early to avoid family conflicts over inheritance?

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