‘Queen of Tears’ actress Kim Ji Won mobbed at Seoul airport, prompting fans demand for better security

By Linh Le   May 18, 2024 | 02:44 am PT
South Korean actress Kim Ji Won faced a tumultuous welcome upon her return to Seoul from Singapore, spotlighting the need for enhanced security measures at public venues.
South Korean actress Kim Ji Won. Photo from Kims management agencys Instagram

South Korean actress Kim Ji Won. Photo from Kim's management agency's Instagram

According to Channel News Asia, Kim arrived at Seoul’s Incheon International Airport on Wednesday and was immediately overwhelmed by a large crowd of fans.

Videos that have since gone viral on social media depict the actress being mobbed by fans, all eager to present her with flowers, letters, and gifts. Despite the presence of security personnel, Kim was visibly jostled as numerous fans crowded around her, vying for her attention.

Throughout the ordeal, she remained poised, smiling, and thanking her fans while urging them to be cautious.

The videos have ignited a wave of reactions online, with many users criticizing the invasion of personal space and advocating for stricter security protocols to safeguard both celebrities and the public. One user on the social media platform X remarked: "Everyone swarming around her has no shame because what do you not understand about personal space?!"

"Admire her from afar," this person further implored. "You’re putting everyone at risk of getting injured."

Another netizen described the scene as "the most stressful airport arrival I’ve ever seen."

Despite the chaotic reception, Kim’s composure under pressure has been widely lauded, with numerous fans praising her concern for their safety amid the tumult.

As reported by The Straits Times, nearly 200 fans had previously gathered at Singapore’s Changi Airport to greet Kim upon her arrival in the city state on Tuesday.

Following the incidents, Pinkvilla reported that Kim’s management agency HighZium Studio issued a notice urging the public to maintain a respectful distance and refrain from taking excessive photos or delivering letters and gifts personally during future public appearances to ensure everyone’s safety.

Kim, 32, broke into the entertainment scene in 2018 and has since risen to prominence through her roles in popular television dramas such as "The Heirs," "Descendants of the Sun," "Fight for My Way," "My Liberation Notes," and "Queen of Tears."

Her popularity has soared following the success of "Queen of Tears," which aired on South Korean cable channel tvN from March 9 to April 28.

The series clinched a nationwide rating of 24.850% for its final episode, marking it as the highest-rated series on tvN. It also ranks as the third highest-rated series in Korean cable television history by viewership ratings and the second highest by the number of viewers.

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