Is being single at 35 unusual?

By Ngoc Quynh   February 3, 2024 | 03:50 pm PT
I wonder if it is unusual for a woman to steadfastly remain single at 35.

My parents and relatives frequently used to ask me: "When will you get married?" They now simply look at me with pity.

I believe I am the type of person who always tries to improve my flaws, yet I continue to struggle with my love life. I live decently, am diligent in my studies and work, and am organized and enthusiastic. Although I do not possess an outstanding appearance, I have a sense of style and aesthetics.

I am practical and do not dream of dating wealthy or handsome men. I believe that only those who share similar life philosophies can truly go far together, so I have always been looking for someone whose views, determination, and morals align with mine.

I have attempted to talk to a few men, but it seems everyone is in a rush these days. For instance, some men I have met do not even take the time to write a reply email to me, let alone share their life perspectives. If they are that busy, they should make it clear from the beginning, rather than not getting back to me, leaving me to wonder if I did something wrong.

Eventually, I have lost faith in men.

What do you think about my story?

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