Saigon urges residents to stop eating dog meat

By Le Nam   September 15, 2019 | 03:13 am PT
Saigon urges residents to stop eating dog meat
Dogs wait to be slaughtered in a cage for sale as food in a village outside Hanoi. Photo by Reuters/Kham.
The Food Safety Management Board of HCMC has urged people to stop consuming dog meat, citing severe health risks and appealing to sentiment.

Dog meat is currently not regulated by food authorities, often contains pathogens, especially the rabies virus, could be contaminated with deadly chemicals, especially those used in dog bait, the board has warned in a statement.

Dog meat could also contain parasites, especially eggs and larvae that do not develop into worms in the intestines but could penetrate the liver, lungs and other organs, and even the brain and eyes, a condition is known medically as visceral larva migrans, which is potentially dangerous to humans, it said.

Meat and poultry used as food must meet slaughter and food safety regulations, but dog meat is not included in the list of animals used for human food.

The food safety authority also said people should not eat dog meat because dogs have been pets and close to humans for a long time. In some families, dogs are even seen as a family member, it said.

Last year Hanoi authorities had urged people to desist from eating dog and cat meat because it created an offensive image for international tourists.

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