Miss Korea runner-up Go Hyun Jung discusses feeling ‘lonely’ in marriage to Samsung heir ex-husband

By Thien Lam, Linh Le   May 23, 2024 | 03:00 am PT
Go Hyun Jung, the runner-up of the 1989 Miss Korea contest, disclosed that she often felt alone during her marriage to Chung Yong Jin, the grandson of Samsung’s founder Lee Byung Chul.
Miss Korea 1989 runner-up and actress Go Hyun Jung. Photo from Gos management agencys Instagram

Miss Korea 1989 runner-up and actress Go Hyun Jung. Photo from Go's management agency's Instagram

In her latest vlog posted on her personal YouTube channel on May 18, Go recounted her experiences living in Tokyo with her husband following their 1995 wedding. She stated: "I had to muster the courage to handle everything by myself, even within the confines of marriage."

She mentioned that she was unfamiliar with Tokyo, knew no one, and had little interest in exploring the city, leading her to spend most of her time at home. When she went out for meals or shopping, she did so alone.

Despite returning to South Korea after their time in Japan, Go continued to face difficulties. According to Osen, her in-laws disapproved of her due to her modest family background.

The marriage ended in divorce in 2003, with Go losing custody of their two children and being barred from visiting them.

"I initially believed my career in entertainment was over following the divorce and even contemplated moving abroad," Go shared. "But after careful consideration, I decided to return with [the 2005 TV series] "Spring Day," which thankfully turned out to be a hit."

The series’ success encouraged Go to continue her acting career in South Korea.

"I aim to be a resilient actress with no regrets," she expressed.

Go, 53, and Chung, 56, initially met by chance in New York when Chung helped Go locate her seat at the Winter Garden Theatre due to her limited English, reported by Korea JoongAng Daily.

Post-divorce, there were rumors that Chung’s family had looked down on Go and conversed in English in her presence, according to Korea Times. Go has denied these claims during a television appearance.

Following her separation from Chung, Go has reclaimed her position as one of South Korea’s leading actresses. She became the highest-paid actress in the country following her 2009 TV series "Queen Seondeok." Her latest work includes the 2023 web series "Mask Girl."

Chung remarried flutist Han Ji Hee, daughter of former Korean Air vice president Han Sang Bum, in 2011, as per reports by The Chosun Daily.

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