800 bitten by rabid dogs, three dead

By Le Hoang   June 4, 2016 | 02:16 am PT
If you live or are going to the northern province of Thanh Hoa, you had better be careful of dogs there which have claimed three lives this year. Dogs are cute, but they do bite and sometimes rabies goes with it too.

Over the past five months, up to 800 people have been bitten by rabid dogs and among the three victims who died; one was pregnant. The victims had yet to have rabies vaccination.

Recently, many households in the province did not take their dogs rabies vaccination. Neither did they lock the dogs indoor, resulting in many chasing people on the streets.

On March 21, a dog of Nguyen Thi Ha in Lang Chanh town showed unusual behavior. Suddenly, it went chasing and biting people in the area. Six locals were bitten and hospitalized in time.

However, Ha, owner of the dog did not get the vaccine as she thought her dog's behavior was normal for a newly born. She subsequently died of rabies. Ha was pregnant at the time.

The department also warned of the risk of a rabies outbreak as many districts have yet to carry out proper rabies vaccination for dogs.

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