Soko Group elevates rendition of Vietnamese gastronomy

By Thy An   January 23, 2024 | 11:30 pm PT
Soko Group, known for blending international flavors with Vietnamese cuisine, has attracted a younger demographic to its openings of restaurants like Soko Cake Bake & Brunch and Noriboi.

In an era of diverse choices where each restaurant has its own culinary narrative, capturing the hearts of customers has become a challenging endeavor for culinary enterprises. Behind astute business strategies lies at least one crucial measure to retain customer loyalty.

Simple strategy with grand ambitions

Important is not only the creation of delectable meals or aesthetically pleasing spaces but also the ability to personalize the dining experience. For a young business like Soko Group, the art of capturing the hearts of customers stems from an ambition to elevate Vietnamese cuisine by incorporating the beauty of Vietnamese culture into each dish, as well as the ambiance of every restaurant.

Every establishment under Soko Group is not merely a place to savor delicious meals, but also a home to an experience that engages all senses, offering a unique experience tailored to the individual tastes of customers.

Soko Pan Bread, Saigon Benedict Bread, and Fried Chicken Burger with Fish Sauce. Photo courtesy of Soko

Soko Pan Bread, Saigon Benedict Bread, and the Fried Chicken Burger with Fish Sauce. Photo courtesy of Soko Cake Bake & Brunch

While embodying a somewhat Western style, Soko Group delicately infuses a distinct Vietnamese essence into many dishes.

At Soko Cake Bake & Brunch, the brand commits to having at least 5 Vietnamese items on the menu, which features the eatery’s renowned skillet bread transformed into a brunch delight with American Angus beef steak, Ise eggs, and specially crafted meatballs and pate.

For Noriboi and Pillowtalk, Soko Group utilizes readily available Vietnamese ingredients in inventive ways.

Beef Tartare served with Vietnamese pork rind (L), and Bafun Uni served with Vietnamese breadsticks. Photo courtesy of Noriboi

Beef Tartare served with Vietnamese pork rind (L), and Bafun Uni served with Vietnamese breadsticks. Photo courtesy of Noriboi

In contrast, Noriboi places emphasis the utilization of hygienic and ordinary Vietnamese components in conjunction with premium imported ingredients in order to craft refined and palatable Japanese savories.

Simple strategy but challenging to execute

In addition to continuous innovation in the culinary arts, Soko Group demands innovation in every step of its processes, as well as wholehearted customer service to achieve the goal of making an absolute impression in the service experience.

As a result, the restaurant brand values and considers every viewpoint. In case of any dissatisfaction, rest assured that Soko Group is committed to making the next customer experience perfect and memorable.

Creating a Vietnamese cuisine enthusiast community

Asserting itself as a Vietnamese brand, Soko Group has embedded the essence of Vietnamese culture into every development step since its inception.

The brand's Green Connection aims to bring together Soko Group's entire community of Vietnamese cuisine enthusiasts, while also reaching out to both domestic and foreign clients. Green Connection is not a complex concept but rather the sustainable purpose of this young brand from its early days.

Soko Groups staffs. Photo courtesy of Soko

Soko Group's staff in 2022. Photo courtesy of Soko Group

In addition to connection, the group's success can be attributed to a profound comprehension of the aspirations of the younger demographic.

Customer perceptions of Soko Group are enhanced not only by the experiences it provides that resonate with the younger demographic, but also by its proactive engagement in sustainability initiatives, constructive environmental transformations, and community involvement.

Soko Groups staff in 2023. Photo courtesy of Soko Group

Soko Group's staff in 2023. Photo courtesy of Soko Group

It is more than a mere commercial endeavor; rather, it stems from an aspiration to offer a comprehensive viewpoint on contemporary gastronomy through the flawless fusion of Vietnamese gastronomy with global influences.

"Without a doubt, the Soko Group brand will persist in making unique contributions to the advancement and refinement of Vietnamese gastronomy in the years to come," said the group's representative.

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