What gifts does Asia’s wealthiest billionaire Ambani present to heir’s pre-wedding guests?

By Linh Le   April 2, 2024 | 03:30 pm PT
Guests at the pre-wedding of billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s son Anant received gift sets that included Louis Vuitton bags and gold chains.

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia reports that the complete gift sets given to each attendee at the pre-wedding events of Anant and his fiancée Radhika Merchant included opulent presents, comprising Louis Vuitton bags, specially designed duffle bags, gold necklaces, high-end footwear, luxurious nightwear, and handcrafted scented candles.

Anant Ambani (L), son of Asias richest man Mukesh Ambani, and his fiancée Radhika Merchant. Photo from Instagram/loveleen_makeupandhair

Anant Ambani (L), son of Asia's richest man Mukesh Ambani, and his fiancée Radhika Merchant. Photo from Instagram/loveleen_makeupandhair

GQ India has noted that these presents extended beyond a mere display of opulence by the Ambanis, emphasizing the thoughtful nature of the gifts.

Paying homage to Vantara, an initiative focused on animal rehabilitation located in the Ambani family’s hometown of Jamnagar, the duffle bags in the gift sets signaled the family’s commitment to animal welfare and ecological sustainability. These bags were made from ethically sourced leather featuring hand-painted animal designs and included adjustable trolley wheels, merging convenience with innovation for enhanced guest comfort.

Additionally, the gift sets’ candles were sourced from Sunrise Candle, a venture in the Indian town of Mahabaleshwar known for its engagement with visually impaired craftsmen.

Anant, 28, is the youngest scion of Mukesh Ambani who steers the Reliance Industries empire, boasting an annual turnover of US$110 billion.

Forbes, as of April 3, listed Mukesh Ambani’s net worth at US$116.6 billion, making him the richest man in Asia and the eleventh richest worldwide.

Radhika, 29, is the progeny of Shri Viren Merchant, who is at the helm of the distinguished Indian healthcare enterprise Encore Healthcare.

Having both pursued their higher education in the U.S., the couple is planning to wed in July.

Their pre-wedding celebrations, which took place from March 1-3 in Jamnagar, were enlivened by a performance from the Barbadian pop and R&B artist Rihanna, for which the Ambanis are said to have paid 5 million pounds (US$6.3 million), culminating in a lavish expenditure of 120 million pounds for the whole event, as reported by the Daily Mail.

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