Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu reveals ex-husband’s affairs, abusive behavior during her pregnancy

By Nhu Anh   March 22, 2024 | 06:34 pm PT
Actress Barbie Hsu has disclosed on social media her ex-husband Wang Xiaofei’s multiple infidelities and his abusive behavior throughout her pregnancy, sharing her indignation toward his and his mother’s actions.
Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu. Photo from Hsus Instagram

Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu. Photo from Hsu's Instagram

Hsu, 48, broke her silence regarding her disputes with Wang, 43, for the first time on Wednesday, a day after Wang’s attendance at a Taiwanese court for a legal battle with her, according to Next Apple.

She recounted receiving numerous photographs that captured Wang in close moments with various women while they were still married.

"I was astounded," she expressed on her Weibo page. "Only then did I realize why he was in such a hurry to travel to a different city."

She also shared that Wang’s mother, Zhang Lan, was aware of her son’s affairs yet chose to overlook them, even meeting with his mistresses. Nonetheless, Zhang advised against a divorce, adding to Hsu’s marital distress.

Moreover, Hsu disclosed an incident during her second pregnancy with Wang’s child when a drunken Wang shoved her younger sister. Attempting to mediate, Hsu herself was pushed to the floor.

The actress acknowledged using Wang’s bank card but clarified it was with his consent. She denied purchasing luxury items for DJ Koo, her current South Korean spouse, with it—a claim Wang made in court during his Tuesday appearance as his reason for disclosing Hsu’s financial assets, residential address, and personal details, which led to accusations against him of breaching personal information protection laws.

Wang had refuted the charges and suggested in court that Hsu was involved in an affair during their marriage.

Hsu concluded her online statement by announcing her decision to no longer engage with Wang’s "fabricated claims" and instead, resolve their issues through legal means.

Her statement quickly became a hot topic of discussion on Weibo that day.

Having tied the knot in 2011 and separated in 2021, Hsu and Wang are parents to two children. Hsu entered into remarriage with DJ Koo, 55, who has moved to Taiwan to reside with Hsu and her children, three months following her split from Wang.

The actress initiated legal actions against Wang and Zhang last year for defamation and exposing her personal information. She further accused Wang of failing to meet the financial support obligations post-divorce.

A Taiwanese court ruled in favor of Hsu, mandating Wang to continue the agreed financial support. Wang responded to the verdict with an appeal, voicing on social media his willingness to provide child support as per the agreement but expressing a desire to reduce alimony payments for Hsu’s living expenses, citing her remarriage.

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