Saruda Panyakham rolls on floor in joy upon winning Miss Trans Thailand crown

By Kieu Van   February 6, 2024 | 02:31 am PT
Saruda Panyakham, aged 29, celebrated her win in a distinctive manner, crawling on the floor amidst laughter and tears upon being crowned Miss Trans Thailand 2024.

During the Miss Tiffany’s Universe (Miss Trans Thailand) 2024 final on the evening of Feb. 4 in Pattaya, Panyakham, a flight attendant, captured the attention of social media users by collapsing to the ground and repeatedly punching the floor in a display of emotion.

Saruda Panyakham won Miss Trans Thailand 2024. Photo from Instagram

Saruda Panyakham won Miss Trans Thailand 2024. Photo from Instagram

After spending half a minute rolling in the joy of victory, she calmly stood up with assistance from the first runner-up and Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2023.

Panyakham outshone 29 other contestants, securing her win in the 25th edition of the beauty pageant for transgender women, achieving this milestone after participating five times in the contest.

Panyakham's response during the Q&A segment played a pivotal role in captivating the judges. "I have been standing here for five years, steadfast in my commitment to my dream," she articulated. "My goal is to serve as an inspiration, conveying the message that one should relentlessly chase their dreams with belief and action, for the future is in your hands."

Holding a degree in education from Rajabhat University in Chiang Mai, Panyakham aspires to be a beacon of hope and change, championing equality and freedom for all. Soon, Saruda will take her advocacy to a global stage, representing Thailand at the Miss International Queen, one of the most prestigious international competitions for transgender individuals.

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