Vietnamese manga wins Japanese prize

By Dang Khoa   December 23, 2022 | 04:49 pm PT
The comedic Vietnamese manga “Bam Thay Tuong Co Thay Vu Den Tim” (Rain on a Moonlit Night) has been named a bronze medal winner by the Japan International Manga Awards.

The award will be presented to author Hoang Tuong Vi at a Tokyo ceremony in March of next year.

Vy expressed gratitude on her Facebook page after learning the news December 21: "My comedic journey has not been a long one, but I've been lucky enough to achieve valuable things, thanks to everyone."

"Bam Thay Tuong Co Thay Vu Den Tim" is a slice-of-life comic set in ancient Vietnam that follows a young teacher and an herbalist living in a little quiet village. According to Comicola Studio, the manga’s publisher, their love story unfolds through daily interactions.

Front cover of Rain In A Moon Night. Photo courtesy of Japan International Manga Award

Front cover of "Rain In A Moon Night". Photo courtesy of Japan International Manga Award

The awards were established in 2007 by Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs to honor foreign manga artists for their contributions to the global expansion of manga culture.

This year’s 16th Japan International Manga Awards have named one gold, three silver, and eleven bronze winners out of 503 submissions.

Vy graduated from the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences in Germany, majoring in Animation and Games. She now lives and works in Vietnam.

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