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Demystifying the secret war in Laos

Joshua Kurlantzick, the author of a new book about the Vietnam War's most misunderstood legacy, talks to VnExpress International.

Drones, rescue dogs scour Mount Fansipan in search for missing Brit Aiden Webb

This morning a group of young Vietnamese launched drones equipped with cameras over Hoang Lien Son Park in an attempt to help find Aiden Webb, the British tourist who went missing on Mount Fansipan five days ago.

China exported military drones to 10 nations: report

China has exported military drones to more than 10 countries in deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and plans to sell unmanned craft capable of launching laser-guided bombs, state-run media said Thursday.
April 21, 2016 | 12:08 pm GMT+7
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