Da Nang to launch unmanned drones to keep an eye on urban planning

By Nguyen Dong   February 18, 2017 | 08:15 pm PT
Da Nang to launch unmanned drones to keep an eye on urban planning
Da Nang from above. Photo by VnExpress Photo Contest/Le Quang Thien
The drones will help authorities detect any illegal construction work around the city.

Vietnam's central city of Da Nang is planning to use unmanned drones to manage its urban spaces and natural resources.

The idea of using unmanned drones, also known as UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles), for urban management was proposed by construction officials to municipal authorities on Saturday morning.

Mayor of Da Nang Huynh Duc Tho has approved the plan, saying that the city will purchase two unmanned drones to conduct a variety of tasks, including detecting illegal construction and monitoring mining.

The drones, which may have a multi-billion dong price-tag, will be fitted with cameras to scan and gather data.

“Software will automatically calculate all the data gathered, from the heights of building to the area of land,” said Tho. By checking for discrepancies with existing data, “the drones will alert us if they detect new buildings that have been illegally constructed.”

By ruling out human factor, the drones will help improve transparency, Tho added.

In the first stage, Da Nang will use one drone to monitor land clearance for the relocation project of a train station in Lien Chieu District.

The other drone will survey mining operations in the mountainous district of Cam Le. “The UAV will scan the mine and compare data with the map provided by the Department of Natural Resources to determine the amount of tax the mining company needs to pay,” said Tho.

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