6 fruits that aid in weight loss and prevent belly fat

By Bao Bao   April 24, 2024 | 06:31 pm PT
Apples, bananas, and pears are abundant in fiber, which creates a lasting sensation of fullness, while watermelons, grapes, and oranges offer antioxidants that help inhibit the accumulation of belly fat, as noted by health experts.

1. Banana

The Times of India reports that bananas contribute to weight loss because they are loaded with antioxidants and fiber. Additionally, this fruit is high in potassium and contains healthy carbohydrates that not only keep you full longer but also supply ample energy for sustained activities.

2. Pear

A medium-sized pear provides 6 grams of fiber, fulfilling approximately one-fourth of the daily nutritional needs. Pears also deliver vitamin C, aiding in the prevention of inflammation caused by free radicals, and potassium, which helps reduce blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health.

3. Apple

Apples are rich in polyphenols, antioxidants, and fiber, which helps reduce inflammation, thereby aiding in obesity prevention. Consuming a whole apple with the skin offers more than 4 grams of fiber, which is about 14% of the recommended daily intake.

Red apples. Illustration photo by Pexels

Red apples. Illustration photo by Pexels

4. Watermelon

According to Health.com, watermelons are rich in water, antioxidants, nutrients, and fiber. The fruit facilitates healthy weight loss.

This fruit is also low in calories; with a cup of watermelon juice providing 46.5 calories, comprising 12 grams of carbohydrates, 10 grams of sugar, and the remainder as fiber. Eating watermelons prolongs fullness, curbs hunger, and reduces the likelihood of snacking.

5. Grape

Grapes, rich in fiber and antioxidants, aid in reducing inflammation and preserving shape. These juicy fruits are also a good source of resveratrol, a compound that may help decrease belly fat.

6. Orange

Oranges, high in water content and low in calories and sugar, are rich in vitamin C, which boosts metabolism and helps reduce fat around the waist. The fiber found in oranges, particularly in the pulp and segments, enhances the sensation of fullness and satisfaction after meals.

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