Vietnam tightens regulations for drones

By Phan Nghia   January 16, 2020 | 11:28 pm PT
Vietnam tightens regulations for drones
Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) would receive tighter regulations in Vietnam from 2020. Photo by Shutterstock/Andy Tran.
The government is making regulations for the use of drones and ultralight aircraft more stringent and increasing their monitoring.

Drones have been used widely in Vietnam and bring many benefits to daily life, but they also impose risks on national security and defense, the government said in a statement Wednesday.

It ordered the Ministry of National Defense to soon draft a set of new regulations for drone management. 

The rules will define areas where drones are off limits.

Until the exercise is over, no new license to fly within an eight-kilometer radius of airports would be issued to any private organization or individual.

Regulations related to research, design, production and trade of drones and ultralight aircraft would also be tightened.

Individuals owning them already would be required to register them with authorities.

In November the government issued a ban on drones within an eight-km radius of airports across the country, after two commercial aircraft were suspected to have been hit by them.

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