Indian town under curfew after violent protest

By Reuters   April 17, 2016 | 09:32 am PT
Curfew is imposed in a town in India's western Gujarat state after a protest by the Patidar community demanding the release of their leader turns violent. Diane Hodges reports.

The clashes broke out in the town of Mehsana as members of the Patindar, or Patel, community were protesting the detention of their leader, Hardik Patel, who was arrested on sedition charges last October.

Police fired tear gas at the crowd and took hundreds into custody.

Officials imposed a curfew and suspended internet service to the area, to prevent what they called, the spread of rumors.

The Patels are a relatively affluent group, but they're demanding to be included in government programs that reserve spots at universities and government offices for certain minority and disadvantaged groups.

Members of the group own thousands of businesses around the world, but in India, the economy has been growing too slowly to create jobs, prompting the Patels to demand greater access to government posts.
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