Ho Chi Minh City apologizes to tourist robbed on street

By Kim Thuy, Thanh Thi, Hai HieuMarch 16, 2016 | 10:06 pm PT
Authorities have publicly apologized to Alaa Mohammad Abdu Ali Aldoh, an Egyptian tourist who was robbed on Luong Huu Khanh Street in central Ho Chi Minh City last Friday.“We are very sorry for what happened. But I believe that local people are very friendly and hospitable to tourists, while the criminal element is a very small minority that is present in every society," a representative of the city’s Tourism Department said.Ho Chi Minh City was the first place Aldoh had visited in Vietnam. The robbery happened just two days after her arrival.Dinh La Thang, the Secretary of Ho Chi Minh City’s Party Committee asked the city authorities to apologize to the robbery victim, provide her with financial support and help her with the re-issuance of her papers.A travel company has also announced it will sponsor the remainder of Aldoh’s trip across Vietnam.
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