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Fans party hard in Hanoi, Saigon as France wins World Cup in classic final

Supporters of the French national football team lived the World Cup dream again after 20 years.

Saigon named among best Asian destinations to touch down this year

A mix of history and modern development has earned Vietnam's southern megacity a spot in Lonely Planet's new top ...

Saigon drug bust yields ‘biggest ever’ heroin haul

Police have seized 59 kilograms of heroin in HCMC as they busted a massive drug trafficking gang led by a 58-year-old resident.
July 13, 2018 | 07:22 pm GMT+7

Canadian men behind Kong director's assault have left Vietnam: police

The two Vietnamese Canadians have allegedly avoided arrest by returning to Canada under other identities.
July 12, 2018 | 07:19 pm GMT+7

A sour note that takes pho to a new high

A tamarind twist to the nation's iconic noodle soup delivers a pleasant surprise to food lovers.
July 11, 2018 | 03:22 pm GMT+7

Teen gets death for killing family of 5 in Saigon

Gruesome murders shook the nation, happened when millions of Vietnamese were celebrating the Lunar New Year.
July 09, 2018 | 03:55 pm GMT+7

Rentals rise in downtown Saigon as supply stagnates

In the second quarter of 2018, rentals for Grade A office space rose by as much as 17 percent due, a CBRE report says.
July 09, 2018 | 09:26 am GMT+7

Egged on to culinary bliss in Saigon

Unique Saigonese cousin of this mega omelette is not something you will find in grandma’s cookbook.
July 07, 2018 | 05:00 pm GMT+7

When Saigon blushes pink

Summer is a time when lotuses are in bloom, charming people with their beauty and fragrance.
July 07, 2018 | 01:17 pm GMT+7

Saigon exhibition stirs debates for displaying real human organs

Organizers say plastinated organs and fetuses shown were legally donated.
July 05, 2018 | 07:00 pm GMT+7

In Saigon, a vital job that stinks to high heaven

Sewage workers in Ho Chi Minh City risk their health and lives every day, and they want residents to stop trashing.
July 05, 2018 | 01:16 pm GMT+7

Ho Chi Minh City as a 24/7 ‘convenience store’

No matter what you feel like doing at any time of day or night, chances are you can do it in Vietnam’s commercial hub.
July 01, 2018 | 08:00 pm GMT+7

Going back 27 years to Chinatown in Saigon

Black and white images captured by a French photographer reveal a way of life that’s history.
July 01, 2018 | 12:31 pm GMT+7

The dazzling scenes of Saigon in the rain

It's easy to fall in love with the sizzling sounds from a banh mi cart on a cold rainy day.
June 30, 2018 | 11:13 am GMT+7

Convenience stores easy pickings for robber gangs in Saigon

Gangs of youth steal goods at will and hurt employees who try to stop them, a VTV report says.
June 30, 2018 | 08:27 am GMT+7
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