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Hanoi rejects cable car line over Red River

Vietnam’s capital city has said no to a cable car across the Red River, saying such forms of transportation are not a priority.

French firm proposes cable cars to tackle Hanoi's traffic congestion

The proposed line would be up to 330 feet above ground and run over three miles across the Red River.

Vietnam PM pushes work on long-delayed metro lines in Saigon

The city's first two metro line are far behind schedule and suffer from lack of funding.
April 14, 2018 | 09:08 am GMT+7

Hanoi's long-delayed sky train set for test run in September, again

The railway is set to launch after the three to six month testing phase, putting the project another year behind schedule.
March 31, 2018 | 07:25 am GMT+7

Hanoi abandons plans for second rapid bus route

Buses intended for the second BRT route will be used for the first one instead, which has seen passenger growth but proven to be costly.
March 08, 2018 | 10:44 am GMT+7

Vietnam demands that Hanoi's long-delayed sky train be officially launched in 2018

Loan disbursement issues with China, which had been holding back the project, have finally been resolved.
December 30, 2017 | 09:02 am GMT+7

Private firm plans to rent out electric motorcycles around Saigon bus stations

Traffic jams and pollution are the reasons behind the plan, even though the city has yet to initiate a previous plan that involves bicycles.
December 18, 2017 | 08:05 am GMT+7

Chinese contractor asks to further delay Hanoi's first sky train

Unresolved loan disbursement issues from the Chinese government continue to hold back construction.
December 10, 2017 | 10:24 pm GMT+7

Uber joins forces with global public transport association

It's an Uber's effort to improve the relationships with local authority.
December 04, 2017 | 02:21 pm GMT+7

Will the public use metro systems in Vietnam when they're ready to depart?

Is the planned public transport system attractive enough to prompt commuters to say goodbye to private vehicles?
November 14, 2017 | 10:43 am GMT+7

Motorbike culture eclipses delayed public transport in Vietnam's capital

Commuters in Hanoi appear to still prize the flexibility of getting around on two wheels above all else.
November 13, 2017 | 11:09 am GMT+7

Hanoi's new rapid bus route showing signs of overloading: report

The buses have a capacity of 90 passengers, but some are carrying up to 115 during peak times.
September 11, 2017 | 07:49 pm GMT+7

Not so fast: Why construction of Hanoi rail line has slowed to an expensive delay

The line was supposed to be up and running this year, but not even half of it has been finished.
July 29, 2017 | 08:38 am GMT+7

Da Nang to ban private vehicles from downtown streets

The country’s central hub plans to stop licensing new motorbikes altogether from 2028.
July 08, 2017 | 03:07 pm GMT+7

Ho Chi Minh City's 3 ambitious public transport projects

Experts have been calling for a ban on motorbikes in the city and the authorities have plans for three alternatives to the two-wheeler.
May 01, 2017 | 10:09 pm GMT+7
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