Vietnamese man appointed director of Shanghai International Kids Fashion Week

By Trang Shaelyn   April 30, 2023 | 07:41 am PT
Fashion director Nguyen Hung Phuc has been invited to direct Shanghai International Kids Fashion Week from April 28-30.

Phuc said the event organizer invited him to build new concepts, connect with designers and models, instruct and support young models on how to perform, and construct the catwalk for more than 30 participating designers.

Even with his experience directing catwalks for many fashion shows and fashion weeks worldwide, he may still struggle with the language barrier.

To help Chinese child models better understand the art of catwalk performance – in a way that fits with the collections and designers’ visions, Phuc has had to employ an interpreter, alongside careful demonstration so the models can understand his intended mood.

Fashion director Nguyen Hung Phuc. Photo courtesy of Phuc

Fashion director Nguyen Hung Phuc. Photo courtesy of Phuc

Nguyen Hung Phuc set up a lot of concepts for the stage, with different walking formations, such as making models walk in a circle, making a U-shape, or doing an X-shape by crossing through the stage.

" It’s not easy to make kids understand my direction and have them get into the proper formation," he said. "Fashion director needs a high level of creativity and an understanding of geometry to properly pair the stage with its lighting, as well as the showcased collection from more than 30 designers."

Before becoming a fashion director for Shanghai International Kids Fashion Week, Nguyen Hung Phuc had years of experience with Asian Kids Fashion Week, well known across many Asian countries. In September 2023, the director will bring this event to Seoul. In March, he also brought Bao Ha, a child fashion model, to perform at Seoul Fashion Week.

Recently, Nguyen Hung Phuc has directed many big fashion events, such as Fashion Voyage, or private shows by Cong Tri, Adrian Anh Tuan, Le Thanh Hoa, and Hoang Hai.

Shanghai International Kids Fashion Week is China’s first and finest fashion week for children. Every year, this event is celebrated twice, participated by many local and international high-end designers and brands.

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