Beauty queens adore waist-cut-out dresses

By Yen Lam   April 7, 2022 | 06:31 am PT
Beauty pageant holder H'Hen Nie, supermodel Anh Thu and other Vietnamese celebrities favor evening gowns with cut-out designs to show off their waists.
The stylized shoulder skirt, the tight-fitting and high-necked style still helps HHen Niê show off her sexy features thanks to the unique cutout at the waist.

H'Hen Nie, a Top 5 Miss Universe 2018 contestant, dons a stylized shoulder dress with a unique cut-out at the waist to show off her slim figure.

The evening dress in the minimalist style of singer Thuy Tien is renewed by exploiting the gap for shoulders and ribs.

The cut-out adds a stylish touch to singer Thuy Tien's minimalist dress.

Nam Em stands out on stage thanks to an asymmetrical skirt design, neon color. In addition to the high skirt split detail, the waist of the dress is also cleverly cut to increase the attractiveness of the wearer.

Actress Nam Em's asymmetrical skirt design and neon color make her stand out on stage. In addition to the high split detail, the waist of the dress is cleverly cut to enhance the wearer's attractiveness.

In the series of dresses showing off Anh Thus daring gaps, there are even evening dresses in accordance with the 2022 trend.

Spring/Summer 2022 marks the return of the cut-out trend that features bare shoulders and back, with a cut that pops out at the waist, the collarbone, or even the waist.
Actress Anh Thu also joins in the trend by sporting a dress with daring gaps to showcase her lower back.

Thuy Van uses a skirt that touches her hips with a diagonal cut to refresh her image when she is a judge of the Miss Sports contest.

Model Thuy Van refreshes her image with a high split dress with a diagonal cut-out around the waist while serving as a judge at Miss Fitness Vietnam.

Pink-toned bust skirt, arranged with two large openings to help Ky Duyen show off her two no excess fat.

A pink-toned bust skirt with two large gaps on the side helps accentuate Miss Vietnam 2014 Ky Duyen's curves.

The trend of wearing evening dresses to flatter the toned waist was also updated by Miss Luong Thuy Linh.

Luong Thuy Linh, crowned Miss World Vietnam 2019, shines in an evening gown highlighting her toned waist.

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